Wednesday, October 23

my mind

why can't I get out of my freaking head?
it is stuffy and dark and terrifying in here.
the longer I go without meeting Your gaze, Father, the darker I imagine it grows.
I am buried in regrets, paralyzed by fears.
I dream my tiny plans in secret, fearful that You might say no.
I can't see how much more comes from Your plans and dreams,
when I'm trapped in this small, burning, shameful place inside my head.
what a free and massive living passion Your world is!
to let go of me is to embrace the Endless Universe of You,
oh to be free of me...

Thursday, April 11

Golden City

Glasgow at dusk - lit from within,
her streets entwined with age and youth.
My conscious dreams are desperate sin,
but He is near with Hope and Truth. 

Wednesday, March 20

Irish Sea

The stirring, solemn march of tides,
beyond horizons ever rides.

The gulls awake me with their cries,
a glimpse of You against the skies.

The tumbled questions like the waves,
for who knows all but God who saves?

The wind is cold and salt, Your roar,
as waves crash ever on the shore.