Saturday, May 10


this light rain

my blue dream

dawn wakes all

never will be

Singingly i turned, it seemed a breathless moment
but in the wind i felt a cure that no man knows
this is perfect by nature, it's not a selfless thing
have another lie about a world that Never is and Never will be
under Never is Forever, Trust is laughter in the wind
but now i know i Never was and Never will be
you dont know how it felt, that moment in the Life
i know the truth now, all of it is Never loved and Never was
leave the mourning to the Pretty birds alone
it is a Trustless Truth that is betrayed in thought
Forever Never is Forever Never, Never be Forever
because as i turned you blew it all away for me
i held onto you, that one last moment in the Life
now i know i Never was and Never will be

they never know

closer then my heart will say
nearer then to child's play
breaking, dawning, life's new day
bring me back to Alamay

touching, talking, still i lay
bring love, make me stay
you are heart-breaking day
you are darling Alamay

love's gentle figure, soft like clay
come again, come and play
love like morn, comes new each day
child, gentle, you are Alamay