Saturday, February 28

dentist office

Why is there always a fish tank in the dentist office??
Are fish supposed to make nervous people feel better?
Little orange blurbing fishes? Talk to me fishy!
'Calm your thoughts my won't hurt too bad...mahahaha!'

And all the calming pictures of waterfalls and flowers, woods and quiet country roads, and the magazines...forbes, and sports illustrated mostly.
Seems fitting, right?
After all there are more important things then me going to the dentist...

I actually don't understand why dentists scare people, because it doesn't hurt very much, its actually kinda like getting a massage...someone is giving you one on one physical attention. Just enjoy it! Heck...I know I will.
Though it does annoy me when they say: 'dr so and so will be right with you.'
Then 20 minutes later he shows up.
Seriously, I'm old enough to be told it will be a few minutes. ^_^

Thursday, February 26

tell all your friends, the buddha's not coming back

so coffee. why do people drink it? it stains your teeth and it's nasty and bitter tasting
alright, so some people dump 13 sugar packets into it. (ruthiey ^_^)
and that makes it somewhat bearable. but honestly, why bother in the first place?
tea is so much taster, besides not needing sugar or cream. and there are lots
of different kinds of tea, whereas there is only one kind of coffee, even if they
do try to cover up the taste with lots of other artificial flavors. i mean seriously,
you think peppermint is going to cover up the taste???
any coffee drinkers are free to comment on the virtues of coffee. I'd love to hear
your side of the story. :D

Tuesday, February 24


you know how people with autism repeat the same activity over and over?
i'm that way about music.
i have 2 cds that I will listen to right now,
and only those.

: Cities,

and Kill Hannah: Until There's Nothing Left of Us

i even try to listen to other cds, but no, they just don't sound right.

I wanna have one of those zen pools to sit by.

night time is the best time, especially when you're alone, and even
when you have something like a zen pool to sit by.

(jelly beans are most delicious if you suck them one by one,
and spit
out the ones that taste like lipgloss, or popcorn)

why are public bathrooms always so freaking bright?
I suppose
they are meant to be a get in and get out experience, but still...
make them a little more interesting.

ever notice the 'bathroom non-stare'? people won't meet eyes with
coming out of a stall, like it's somehow embarrassing
to have been using the toilet.
lets not admit what really goes on in there, in the 'ladies room'. (^_^)