Saturday, April 11


okay so the stupid company that's suppose to be sending me a great new phone decided that that one was out of stock as well. (see older post)
so hopefully this 3rd selection will be the charm. of course it's also my 3rd choice and i'm getting rather annoyed with them but this phone is kinda cool too. it is double sided phone and i'm hoping it's not out of stock too!

Wednesday, April 8


the other night when I was biking home from work at 11pm something, i was really tired and just feeling like i wanted to be home right away, but it's a 4 mile ride and i was about 3 miles in. then i came to the gas station, and the bank beside it. the bank always flashes the temperature and the time. it was 32 degrees and 11:22.
i was so happy it wasn't 11:30 yet that i almost started crying. i like getting home before 11:30, but when i'm going home i usually go slower then when i'm going to work, cuz it's cold and dark going home and i won't get in trouble for getting home late. :P