Saturday, June 21

beautiful imperfection

all i've ever wanted and don't call me lame
but all i've ever wanted was a perfect name...

the name that only god knows, eternally
will it make me like you? like them all?
little x's on my fingers, will i live eternally?
come with me, let us go to god, we will surely crawl

cause all i've ever wanted was a perfect name
it's all i've ever wanted, and don't call me lame...

what is this imperfection?
it is me, and i'm without
imperfection is perfected
in me...

Friday, June 20

in the middle of the sun

i fell in love in the middle of the sun
i said goodbye to that icy heart of mine
dove into the endless sea of fire

consume me, burn my heart away
don't speak, just light the fire
begin another love, another life

i fell in love in the middle of the Son
i threw away that hardened heart of mine
dove into his outstretched arms of fire

consume me, burn me all away
don't speak, take all of me
till im all consumed, love me

i fell in love in the middle of eternal god
he destroyed that bitter heart of mine
burned it away with his endless sea of love

Thursday, June 19

hullo people

im the new game that
everyone is playing.
today im copacetic
but tomorrow i might be gone
so enjoy me while you have me,
it'll all be over soon.
and to honor all that
i will tell you something
you don't already

i will always tell you.

blue eyed child

here i sit, head in hands
just a little child
all of these dreams
that i dreamed in your arms

shattered, shining pieces of my heart
i hold them in my bloodless fingers

come and sit beside me
you're fading away
all these mysteries
i thought i'd never know

silver, bleeding bits of all my dreams
falling all around my dirty bare feet

the sky is so blue today
in this, my broken kingdom
it took only a moment
that dreaming in your arms

(the scattered remains will be around forever
because dreams never evaporate, they are
smashed and lie as reminders forever)