Thursday, April 3

still dreaming

im only the love sick child
who cries in the dark, waiting and
longing, but you have come through
never coming through for me...
i fall asleep and dream of you...
waking im still dreaming...and always
of you. always you before my
aching eyes...i cant even cry then.
im dried up and all alone, standing
here on this dark desert, it seems so
endless, and the mirages make my
heart hurt for they are always you...
and then i know you are not.
love sick child sitting alone, wishing
for life so much more then this. but
never, even the long nights are not like
this, not like this ache that cannot be filled.
they let me cry and no one comes to
comfort me, it's not this life i was made
love sick little child...i cry
in the dark, waiting and longing. but i
know you wont come through for me.
that's what makes me sick...i know
im not yours.
then just remember that all through
the endless days...
im awake but still dreaming of you...