Sunday, May 18

my thoughts on trains

i love trains. i love this train most of all. its is
called the screaming gale. i have had many
very sad times here. and also very many comforts.
the soothing rumble of the wheels across
the tracks and the murmur of the engine far far away.
the shriek of the whistle, still far away.
the grinding halts, the release of steam as
we come stumbling to an uneasy halt.
the hurriment of feet as passengers escape
the iron walls for the open outdoors of a platform.
only they know where they are going,
and only i know where i am going.
another stop and i may get out also, but for present
i will remain inside my haven of comfort.
my home of darkness.
my delicious whispers of intrigue.
my imagined dreams.
my random presence in this vast movement.
i do not wish for a face i know.
it would be folly to think i could share this
mystery with any other creature.
i am alone.
i am happy.
i am mystery.
when i am alone, it is then that i think the clearest.
i know those thoughts that have eluded my grasp
when i needed them the most.
i know anything and everything.
nothing, except myself, is a mystery to me.
i know that somewhere and somehow there is mystery
still out there, but here, inside my heaven there is none.
i am master of it all.
i am god in this space.
i control that which i want to see and that which
i dont.
no thoughts are unwelcome here. everything is thought
through and everything is re-lived.
even that which hurts the most, the confusion of minds
together. even that makes sense here.
here in my mind.
this dark, warm, soothing space.

this is love.

and it has no face.

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