Monday, May 11

why can't i sleep?

why can't i sleep?
i'm exhausted.
but when i lay down.
i itch and can't sleep.
it's a call to open my eyes.
but i'm so tired...
why can't i sleep?
i don't have any pills.
or milk at this hour?
it's almost 1 am.
and i'm 'getting up' at 5.
my body is tired.
but my mind is drugged.
and nobody's up or around.
i wish i could find sense...
of life or of awakeness.
why are some people loved?
oh go to sleep love!
but i'm itchy and restless.
i'm on the verge of saying...
things i don't mean,
so very very tired.
but my eyes are awake.
what drugs have they taken?
oh why can't i sleep?


Ell j. boyer said...

oh no i hope u sleep ok try watching anime that always helps me.

hannah_child said...

yeah i drank warm milk with vanilla extract and then i was able to sleep.
but i only got 4 hrs. e_e