Wednesday, November 18

i need to get this looked at.

so...I realize that being 19 is no different than being 18.
Only people expect more of you. It's depressing.

things never change fast enough, but when you look back
it changed way too fast and you hardly remember them.

like being in a wasteland forever, until you suddenly burst
into the ocean and then you can't get out and you forget
the wasteland ever existed.

i think i'm still in the wasteland though.
at least there's solid ground under my feet.

but i like swimming...
i just don't know if i can handle the storms.

also, i don't think knowing what you're going to hit is very useful,
it just makes you afraid to jump.

a book about boats would be nice. but like i said:

They don't write Books about Jumping off Cliffs,
They don't even Teach you to Swim.


Jeannette said...
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kari said...

sometimes i feel in a weird space time continuum, looking back just a few years brings so much peace and worth and get lost in its comfort, but than you look to the future and all the changes and hopes and dreams that there are which is so exciting but you can get overwhelmed, like time is going faster than you