Tuesday, December 15

I kinda feel like I can take it.

why does everyone seem to assume I'm going to fail?
that's not very good positive thinking going on.

I'd like a little sincere: I know you can and will do it, goodbye.

the goodbye is just for luck. thanks anyways.

sometimes pictures just make up for the random junk we don't want to put into words.
so no pictures darlings. anyways, I'm feeling defensive right now.
I think it makes people not like me very much...but that makes me even more defensive.
Maybe I should just say; screw the world and i'll go live somewhere else.
maybe mars has new apartment listings on craigslist.

yes my mind rambles so, i apologize.
next morning it's different, but next night it's always the same.

1 comment:

Courtney said...

stay here please. don't go live on mars. I'd miss you......