Wednesday, June 9

the perfection of a picture

i can sob, draw a breath, turn around, take a picture

but still it's there, just a moment, just a second, only frozen time.
precious picture, stolen memory, perfect mixture.
baby sister.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jak,
(That is some pretty deep searching sounds like you are the lyrics from the intro song 'Greetings' from P.O.D, yeah got ta love ol school!)
Greeting! brethrens and sisterens the P.O.D. comin at ya with the fundamental
elements of this little place we call the south town. We come to ya with
authority we bring wisdom in the power we bring strength and might. So if you
have eyes to see and you have ears to hear, I'll tell you this, you will
understand these truths. So Jah peoples right on. Jah people right on. For this
is our reality.
(God bless, we will be praying for you in Thailand, love the Mills')