Saturday, December 10

let Go of it All

I am Jaded and Disappointed.
I am Lonely and overwelmed with Family.
I am too Young and too Old.
I am Lazy and Overworked.
I Desire and I make myself Sick.
I Hate when I Love.
I Live in the Past or the Future.
I Think what I should Say.
I Say what I should Think.
I am Cold and I am Burning.
I am Ignorant and I Know too much.
I want Everything and Nothing.
I Promise too much and give too Little.
I Whisper when I should Shout.
I Waste my abilities with Wishing.
I Pray for him, then I Judge him.
I Wonder and Watch when I should Run.
I Run when I should Stop and Love.
I Attempt impossibilities without Him.
I try to Fix myself before crawling to Him.
I Wail to others without a Whisper to Him.
I am Child, Subject, Slave.
He is Father, LORD, and Master.
I must Fall down so He will Help me up.


Ruthiey said...

Wow. This is amazing. You are so beautiful, big sis. <3

Harlan said...

Nice how you introduced the most important Person. Love it. And you -- Daddio