Friday, May 30

coming back

i'm not the only one to fail
count the footsteps back to god
thousands and ten thousand more
add my footprints to the sand

for in all the world, god i love,
hold this shaking, frightened child
for in all the world, there is none
none like god, my god. i love you

insecurities, i'm just like them
count the whispered helpless words
broken in their shattered, bleeding prayers
add my murmurs to their cries.

for in all this cruel world, my god
i will live to tell another searching child
for in all this world, there is none
none like my god, my beautiful god.

eternities, they seem so far
breath of god on silent, blue planets.
even loveless nature loves my god
add my praises to their worship

for in all the worlds, you my god
hold this broken, weeping child
i am yours, in all the worlds alone
oh my god, my beautiful god, only yours...

in all the worlds...
all the worlds will worship you
count my footsteps back to god...
thousands and ten thousand more
in all the worlds again...
songs of other beauties sing
even silent stars will praises ring

1 comment:

Kevin said...

How do you write this stuff?? This is exactly how I feel almost all the time...but i just can't seem to get it on paper....