Tuesday, February 24


you know how people with autism repeat the same activity over and over?
i'm that way about music.
i have 2 cds that I will listen to right now,
and only those.

: Cities,

and Kill Hannah: Until There's Nothing Left of Us

i even try to listen to other cds, but no, they just don't sound right.

I wanna have one of those zen pools to sit by.

night time is the best time, especially when you're alone, and even
when you have something like a zen pool to sit by.

(jelly beans are most delicious if you suck them one by one,
and spit
out the ones that taste like lipgloss, or popcorn)

why are public bathrooms always so freaking bright?
I suppose
they are meant to be a get in and get out experience, but still...
make them a little more interesting.

ever notice the 'bathroom non-stare'? people won't meet eyes with
coming out of a stall, like it's somehow embarrassing
to have been using the toilet.
lets not admit what really goes on in there, in the 'ladies room'. (^_^)


isaac said...

hehe.. do you have those 2 album memorized yet?

hannah_child said...

haha, yeah mostly. :)

Ruthiey said...

then I screammmm, I hope it's a dream... it's hard to believe that you said goodbye...


Creepy Edward said...

Hey I like popcorn flavored jelly beans.

hannah_child said...

oh good, i'll give them all to you. :P

Kaija said...

I miss you Hannah.

That's all.

Anonymous said...

that's normal, I use to repeat some albus frequently.
some that I just love.