Saturday, February 28

dentist office

Why is there always a fish tank in the dentist office??
Are fish supposed to make nervous people feel better?
Little orange blurbing fishes? Talk to me fishy!
'Calm your thoughts my won't hurt too bad...mahahaha!'

And all the calming pictures of waterfalls and flowers, woods and quiet country roads, and the magazines...forbes, and sports illustrated mostly.
Seems fitting, right?
After all there are more important things then me going to the dentist...

I actually don't understand why dentists scare people, because it doesn't hurt very much, its actually kinda like getting a massage...someone is giving you one on one physical attention. Just enjoy it! Heck...I know I will.
Though it does annoy me when they say: 'dr so and so will be right with you.'
Then 20 minutes later he shows up.
Seriously, I'm old enough to be told it will be a few minutes. ^_^


Ell j. boyer said...

hmm i heard a theory that the fish let of some sort of radiation that calms ppl down

David said...

Actually the reason behind the fish is.... Fish are hard to take care of and it is difficult to keep them alive.

So by having luxurious offices and healthy fish in their tanks the dentist let customers know that they will be taken care of. :)

hannah_child said...

ah. now i understand. :)

Ell j. boyer said...

ahh i suppose its a subconscious thing the reassuring