Thursday, April 2

new phone

so this is my amazing new phone, which actually hasn't come in the mail yet due to some miscommunications, the other phone that I was getting was out of stock or something.
i'm so excited, cuz i think this is one of the most unique looking phones.
so everybody tell me what you think of it. ^_^


Ell j. boyer said...

very pretty i like the qwerty keyboard to seems like it will be easier to text with.

Ruthiey said...

I think it's grrrrrreat!

I look forward to meeting your honorable phone from China, Jak. *bows*

Ell j. boyer said...

I think its wonderful and will be very honored to talk to you through it

R. L. Bertilson said...

It's cool! Shiny! *likes*

ben said...

I love it! So much so that I honor it with proper grammar and capitalization.

And LOL Ruth!!

hannah_child said...

yay! i'm even more excited now! :) thanks guys