Monday, March 9

rain in kyo

So I love the Resident Evil movies.
But...I feel the need to note at least one inconsistency.
In the third film; Resident Evil: Extinction, the caravan is attacked by crows that have been feeding on 'dead' zombies.. The crows are trying to eat our various heroes.
Only problem is that the crows would have turned cannibalistic, not aggressive towards humans.
They would have eaten each other. [o_o]
Anyways...minor issue in a hugely cool movie.
I love Alice's hair, and her gun/knife skills.
Its also a unique move because Alice is the only one with a character shield.
Its best not to get attached to any of the random, cute troopers and soldiers, cuz they all die in some heart-stopping way.
Alice never has any weakness in guys. She likes some of them, but they always conveniently die before she can get too attached. One less thing to think about, I suppose...
If you really think about it, love has caused many heroes to fail, or at least stopped them from becoming as cool as they could have.
Think Spider man, Superman, and Bat man (though with Bat man she died early enough that she is more like fuel for his greatness).
All that to say, love isn't all its said to be.
I thinks its more the thought of love...just like it's the thought of sex that sells things on tv.


ben said...

thats so interesting...

also, we should discuss the RE movies sometime. and i have some theories about the crows.

hannah_child said...

oh yeah! haha, we totally should. do you own them?

ben said...

nope, but someday. i like them enough.