Tuesday, July 21

it's all coming back

so my iron levels were 14.5! (in perspective, it has to be 12 to donate).
it's a wierd process, they take out an 1/8 of the total blood that they use, and spin out the plasma part of it, then they stop it and reverse the machine to put the red blood cells and the platelets back into the vein and take another 1/8 until it's all done. then they also put some saline solution, like half an iv bag into the vein to replace the lost plasma. very cool. :)
but i still had a bit of faintness going on afterwards, i don't exactly know why, it's suppose to be easier on your body then giving whole blood.

then in the evening, after bible study, i was biking to my brother's house to pick up some stuff and i came across this lady sitting on the bus stop bench with her head down on her knees. i stopped and asked her if she was okay. She said yes and then no, and she looked awful. I stopped and went over to her and asked her again if she was okay and she asked to use my phone. She called up some guy and told him she needed to be picked up. She gave me back my phone and explained that she had been jogging in her neighborhood and had suddenly felt very faint and nauseated. her ipod was playing very loudly with the ear buds out of her ears and she was acting all wobbly and her eyes rolling back in her head. i tried to keep her awake and concious, her skin was very cold and clammy. finally the guy showed up and came walking over, he appeared not very concerned about the situation. made me wonder if she was on drugs or something else was wrong that they didn't want to be known. she staggered off to the truck and they drove off.
wierdest thing that ever happened to me.


The Nimba-Jimbian said...

Wo, exciting. That's about the first one, not the second. And interesting. Man, I need to give blood sometime. It's just required for freaks who find stuff like that fun. ^_^

And the second one...majorly weird, and kind of sad. I hope she was all right after... =/ That reminds me... at the library, I opened the door for this lady who had been practically limping down the stairs (she was leaning on the rail a ton and going really slow), and she looked sooo bad and not old enough to be slow. It was depressing... *sigh*

kari said...

God bless you child for stopping :D

and yeah for high iron :)

ABmagic said...

Hey! I've seen that bench you referred to!! ;)

weird story, but great that you stopped and helped her out! :)