Thursday, July 30

the SOUTH will rise AGAIN

not...that i'm southern. but - i do think.

when i was younger i had the idea that i should know as much as possible about the bands that i listened
i believe that it's best to just listen to the music, maybe maybe go to their show, but never never find out anything more about them. don't get the special extended edition of their tour cd/dvd. don't watch youtube interviews. don't read interviews. don't look at any other pictures of them. and definitely don't try to meet them, even 'accidentally'. run away!
i've found they always disappoint and it's better to imagine they are something they're not then to know for sure that they're regular jerk-faces.


Ruthiey said...

"don't try to meet them! run away!"
sage advice, my friend. sometimes ignorance is bliss.

emerandom said...

i hate how dang upbeat you are all the time.

Ruthiey said...
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