Sunday, July 5

wanting to be always

sometimes it feels like if I can't do one thing in life, then I will automatically fail at everything else.
but...that also works the reverse way. because if I can do something then I have confidence about other things. :D
My example of this is this weekend I [finally] learned how to water ski. :D I think I had decided I couldn't do it, so that didn't help...but I got it now. so now all the rest of my life is much better...


Anonymous said...

sometimes I feel the same way.
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The Nimba-Jimbian said...

Oooh! Waterskiing is fun!

Yeah, I totally understand that feeling. It's not very helpful when you need to get things done and you feel that nothings ever going to be finished. (or whatever)

I've got orange hair, I thought you might want to know. ;)

Emma said...

hey! thanks for reading my blog! how did you find it? btw, i love your hair. lol, and you have like the coolest eyes of anyone i know. so. lol, emma has spoken.