Saturday, June 20

only a little shocked and horrified.

there are some people who are more then a little horrified by me.
it's not personal.
just things they have deep-rooted opinions.
things that have been shaping in their minds since they were small things.
and maybe they really don't like my pastor.
so they pretend it's something about me that they don't like.
or maybe they don't like the way i do my hair...
because it reminds them of their mom/dad/estranged relative.
who knows??
and honestly, who cares?
(sadly, I think I'm the only one)
and i know i shouldn't, other people tell me i shouldn't.
but if i listen to them, won't i be caring what they think?
who are they anyway?

[i am jack's inflamed sense of rejection]


The Nimba-Jimbian said...

Hey, nice reference there... Yeah. I know what you mean. It's all complicated... When you really think about stuff (like that) it becomes very...confusing.

Kaija said...

To put it bluntly, and offensively- I'll just say it. F em.

Who cares what you look like.. Who cares if you have crazy anime hair and run around in a tutu? Why is it their issue?

If you feel that you are glorifying god that's really all that matters.